P R Health Sci J. 2000 Dec;19(4):389-92.

González MJ, Miranda-Massari JR, Mora EM, Cruzado NA, Jiménez I, Rosa M, Matos Vera MI, Santiago C, Román-Eyxarch MI, Rodríguez JR, Pérez Cortés C, Riordan NH, Riordan HD, Ricart CM.


The use of alternative/complementary medicine has been increasing considerably. Conventional medicine must begin to address issues related to the use, safety, regulation, research and education of alternative/complementary medicine. Integrative medicine combines conventional medicine and alternative complementary practices. Integrative medicine is an innovative approach to medicine and medical education. It involves the understanding of the interaction of the mind, body and spirit and how to interpret this relationship in the dynamics of health and disease. Integrative medicine shifts the orientation of the medical practice from disease based approach to a healing based approach. It does not reject conventional medicine nor uncritically accepts unconventional practices. Integrative medicine is an effective, more fulfilling human approach to medicine based on the benefit of the patient by following good medicine practices in a scientific manner.

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