MSC: Mesenchymal Stem Cells

By Neil H. Riordan, PA, PhD and Thomas Ichim, PhD

MSC is a first-of-its-kind publication spanning more than 50 years of research and clinical trials. The authors have carefully outlined and summarized key publications drawing from more than 800 unique references, reviewing mesenchymal stem cell treatment for 44 different medical conditions. They expertly break down the rationale, treatment delivery methods, efficacy, toxicity, and results of prominent clinical trials.

In this book we aim to cover all of the published clinical trials involving MSCs. We hope that by providing an overview of everything that has been attempted in patients, the reader will be stimulated to develop new ideas, expand on what is already known, and contribute to this rapidly expanding arena, which is providing solutions to currently unmet medical needs.

Neil H. Riordan, PA, PhD
Thomas Ichim, PhD


Available in: Hardcover

Price: $295

ISBN-10: 0692856021

ISBN-13: 978-0692856024