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Common Treatments for Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are prevalent across all levels of athletic activity. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or professional athlete, prompt treatment is crucial for returning to your sport safely and swiftly. Common treatments for sports injuries range from over-the-counter pain medication all the way to surgery. But with stem cell therapy from Stem Cell Institute Panama, [Read More…]

Chris Hemsworth Visits Stem Cell Institute in Panama

Chris Hemsworth Visits Stem Cell Institute The entire team at Stem Cell Institute was thrilled to welcome Chris Hemsworth to our clinic in February 2024. Hemsworth visited the Stem Cell Institute in Panama with his body double, Bobby Holland Hanton, and his personal trainer, Luke Zocchi. They spent some time touring our facilities and discussing [Read More…]

Treating Autism with Golden Cells™: 7 Inspiring Patient Stories

Golden Cells™ are a select group of mesenchymal stem cells that are unique to Stem Cell Institute Panama. We spent years administering thousands of treatments to identify the optimal molecular structure associated with highly successful cases at our stem cell clinic. We use Golden Cells™ to treat a broad range of medical conditions, including autism. [Read More…]

Sparking Hope for Healing in Miami: Stem Cell Therapy Seminar Recap

We are so grateful for everyone who made our recent stem cell therapy seminar in Miami, FL a success. We loved seeing you all and hearing how stem cell therapy has impacted your lives. From current patients to those who may be learning about Stem Cell Institute for the first time, it was an honor [Read More…]

Remembering Arnold Caplan: Father of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

We mourn the recent passing of one of Stem Cell Institute’s most noteworthy patients, Arnold Caplan, PhD. Known as the Father of Mesenchymal Stem Cells, he has been instrumental in stell cell therapy and regenerative medicine. He was a pioneer and mentor whose presence will be sorely missed by our entire team at Stem Cell [Read More…]

Stem Cell Therapy for Athletes: Transforming Sports Medicine

Stem Cell Institute aids sports injury recovery by helping promote healing, reducing inflammation, and fostering tissue growth. George Kittle’s experience is a perfect example of this. Stem cell therapy addressed a number of sports-related health conditions for Kittle.  We offer a non-invasive alternative to other forms of treatment, aiding physical recovery without lengthy downtime. The [Read More…]