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Part III: Dietary Recommendations for Endothelial Health

To wrap up our series on endothelial health, focused on recent research linking COVID-19 infection to significant rises in cardiovascular diseases, and how to limit the risk of developing a CVD after COVID-19 infection, we’re focusing on dietary recommendations for overall endothelial health with the aim of reversing endothelial dysfunction. Endothelial dysfunction has been proven [Read More…]

Part II: I Had COVID-19 — How Can I Limit My Risk of Related Cardiovascular Diseases?

As concern about COVID-19 infection being linked to a significantly higher risk of cardiovascular disease begins to surface, you may be wondering how you can lower your risk factors. First, speak to your healthcare provider(s) about any testing, monitoring or procedures they recommend given your unique situation. Overall, cardiovascular research related to prevention and reversal [Read More…]

Part I: Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Soars After COVID-19 (Even if you had a mild case)

A study released yesterday by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, compared over 150,000 veterans who survived at least 30 days after contracting COVID-19 with two massive control groups, each with more than 5 million uninfected people. One control group was comprised of patients who used the VA medical system during the pandemic [Read More…]

Immune Support – 5 Ways

1. Include Supplements in Your Health Regimen  Balanced nutritional health is critical for immune health. Some important vitamins for boosting the body’s immune system include: Vitamin D – A fat soluble nutrient essential to the health and functioning of your immune system, one of the most widely deficient vitamins worldwide, and an ingredient in our [Read More…]

Diabetes and Wound Healing

A recent article in News Medical details the impact of diabetes on wound healing. It points out that “angiogenesis is key for the healing of wounds” and that “diabetes leads to a decrease in angiogenesis.” Moreover, it states that “diabetes also alters the ability of macrophages to switch from a pro-inflammatory phenotype to a pro-reparative [Read More…]

Natural Solutions for Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the perception of sounds in the ear that don’t actually exist. It can come in the form of ringing, buzzing, and roaring, and while sometimes tinnitus has a clear cause—like a loud noise that leaves a ringing in your ears for a few hours—sometimes tinnitus is chronic, blocking your otherwise healthy ability to hear, [Read More…]

Heart Health Tips For Valentine’s Day (And For Life)

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you want your heart in its best working order. The better you feel emotionally and physically, the more likely your heart will be healthy. For the risk factors you can’t avoid (genetic predispositions, bad luck and injuries, your busy life and career) there are ways to aid your best body health, [Read More…]

How to Supplement Your Resolutions

A new year is about to begin, and in keeping with tradition, now is the perfect opportunity to make resolutions for healthier living. At ARC Nutrition, many of our products are formulated to support an active, well-rounded lifestyle. Here are a few aids that might be just what you need to jumpstart your new routine: [Read More…]

New Study on the Effects of Infla-Kine on Inflammatory Markers Shows Promising Results

Journal of Translational MedicinePublished: 20 October 2017 A new study in the Journal of Translational Medicine notes that “Overall, our data demonstrate that twice daily administration of Infla-Kine for 4 weeks reduces inflammatory markers and improves the quality of life in healthy volunteers.” Infla-Kine was administered twice daily to 24 health volunteers for 4 weeks. [Read More…]