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Autism can be a challenging diagnosis for patients and their families alike. Fortunately, the story doesn’t have to end there. Stem cells for autism may be able to improve symptoms and help autistic children enjoy all that life has to offer. In this blog, we meet Angie and her son Dylan whose lives have been changed by stem cell therapy.

Dylan was diagnosed with autism at a young age, making it difficult for him to communicate with his family and others. Thankfully, his mom Angie didn’t give up on looking for ways to improve Dylan’s life. This led her to Stem Cell Institute in Panama where she brought him for autism treatment. Since then, his life has completely changed thanks to the power of stem cells. 

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Angie Flynn’s Search for Answers

Diagnosed with autism at two and a half years old, Dylan’s condition was taking its toll on his family. As his mother, Angie, describes it, “He just went into his own world.” Dylan had stopped talking and began displaying self-abusive behaviors such as banging his head against the wall. 

Many of the common signs of autistic tendencies were there, including:

  • Lack of eye contact 
  • Never pointing as a baby 
  • Not responding to his name 

For Angie and her husband, never waving “bye-bye” was the telltale sign. Unlike other children who have intuitive interactions with people, “There was nothing,” says Angie. “In fact, he didn’t want [interaction]. He just ran the other way.”

Dylan expressed other behavioral problems, as well. He was always very fussy, crying, and never sleeping. Angie was also concerned about his terrible reflux which caused him to throw up everything he ate.

Angie echoes many parents whose children have been diagnosed with autism, saying:

It was so hard. My husband and I were struggling so much. It was the lowest time of my life for sure and I didn’t know what kind of future Dylan would have. I would just go to the grocery store at night and cry because I didn’t understand. It was so unfair that it was my kid. Why did it have to be my son?”

Fortunately, Angie and Dylan’s journey didn’t end there. Angie continued to advocate for her son, putting in time and research to find the best solution possible. This eventually led her to learn about stem cell therapy for autism at Stem Cell Institute in Panama.

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Discovering Stem Cell Institute

It didn’t take long for Angie to learn about stem cell therapy for autism or Stem Cell Institute in Panama. She began hearing about stem cells on forums as soon as Dylan was diagnosed – with some people reporting amazing results for their children.

Dylan getting his heart rate checked at Stem Cell Institute

As she explains:

“Stem Cell Institute has been around for so long in the autism community. It’s well-established and safe. It’s so well-known that I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I’d be scared to take my child anywhere else.”

Angie’s trust in Stem Cell Institute comes from experience. She first brought Dylan to our clinic in 2019 and was immediately impressed by how professional our staff is as well as how they interacted with Dylan. 

Angie recounts her first visit to our clinic, saying:

“It was so much easier than I thought. I was so scared that it would be invasive or traumatic for my son, but the staff is amazing. They get the vein every time and are so good with him. They are so caring and playful and understanding with him. I don’t have to worry.”

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Dylan’s Life After Stem Cells for Autism

Angie has seen a big turnaround in Dylan since he started receiving stem cells for autism. “Before stem cells, he was really disruptive in a classroom,” she says. “They really wouldn’t allow him to be there unless he had his own one-on-one ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapist.” What’s more, she says that it was hard to find a school that would allow that.

Angie says that Dylan is doing great following stem cells for autism. He goes to a normal school and is in a normal classroom with other kids his age. He’s even on the honor roll! “I mean,” explains Angie, “I just pinch myself because he’s doing so good.”

Trying something new can be difficult, especially if it involves taking your child to a foreign country for medical treatment. However, Angie doesn’t regret her decision. 

She encourages others in her position, saying:

“To anybody considering doing stem cells, just do it. I’m so glad we did and I wish I’d done it sooner. Dylan is so creative and so happy. He’s such a happy boy now. I’m just so thankful that it’s changed my life.”

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Diagnosed with autism at a young age, Dylan had trouble communicating and expressing himself to others. Fortunately, his mother continued searching for ways to ensure a better life for her son. Her search ended at Stem Cell Institute in Panama. Since his first treatment in 2019, Dylan’s school and home life have completely changed thanks to stem cells for autism.

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