Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Jennifer M. This is my daughter Jolie. She was diagnosed with autism. We had our first round of stem cell treatment in December 2018. Since then, we’ve seen great gains. My favorite is [that] she has not been sick once. Before, we were constantly at the doctor’s office with UTIs, ear infections – and she’s been healthy – and the other gains that we’ve seen are increase in receptive language. I can tell her, “Go get mommy a towel off the couch.” She will go get the towel and bring it back to me. She can answer questions. “Jolie, what are you doing?” “Sitting,” said Jolie. “You’re sitting in the chair. Good,” replies Jennifer. …as well as her expressive language. Before, she would just say, “iPad”. Now, she will say, “I want the iPad and headphones. Her ability to wait has increased. Her patience increased. Her surroundings – she is more aware of her surroundings and understands the world, like she understands that her iPad has to be charged. She understands that food has to be cooked. [unintelligible] She’s overall a happier kid. Lots of things.

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