Stem Cell Institute has given us a lot of new hope. We’ve listened to a lot of positive stories and I really believe in it. And since last time we’ve been here, I have been noticing and a lot of people have told us that Alex understands much more. His attention is much better. He gave a small piano concert at school.

The other day after the second stem cells treatment, half way through the second stem cells treatment, in the morning, he woke up and told me, “It’s sunny.” He never said that before like that, only when he would be asked what the weather was like. So Alex has a very big vocabulary but only if he’s asked to name things. And since the first stem cell treatment, he’s made quite a few spontaneous comments. This is one of the things I notice. I’ve really seen a difference. Not everybody does but I’ve learned that for many years now, I’m very confident that a mother is the best judge and I’ve definitely seen lots of differences.

So, we’ll be back. We’ll be back soon.

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