Hi. I’m Mary Harrell and I received stem cells here at this Stem Cell Institute. I first found out about it for my son who has come here four times for the treatment of autism. And when I saw how amazing his results were, I knew that because it worked for autoimmune issues that I needed to try it out.

I have a diagnosis of arthritis and also other symptoms consistent with fibromyalgia – were like fibro fog and pressure point pains. I also had a lot of stomach problems like Crohn’s chronic constipation and other things that just seemed very autoimmune.

So, I came a year and a half ago my first time and it was amazing. So, my work involves my hands and my back and I felt like I could literally do cartwheels for months and months after I had the treatment, and even after that, I noticed that even my joints in my hands remained really happy.

So, my stem… I even had started eating, you know, gluten free for years and with no result, any good results from that. My stomach feels amazing and overall, I think that allows all my nutrients to absorb better and my joints for really good. And so I’m very, very happy that I came here and thank you so much.

For more information visit: www.cellmedicine.com