HI, I’m Teresa Hamrick. I am being treated at Stem Cell Institute for congestive heart failure. I was treated here in September, November 2016 the first time. I was short of breath and fatigued and on 180 mg of Lasix – dropped it to 60, came to the Stem Cell Institute and was treated.

I was gaining 7-12 lbs. of fluid around my heart every night from the congestive heart failure and legs were swollen, difficulty breathing. I was treated, went home, within a couple of weeks, I was only gaining about 3 lbs. around my heart every night, which was a vast improvement. I have weaned down since then to 20 mg of Lasix a day.

I walked… I was trying to walk prior to the treatment and wasn’t making it very far. Now I walk 3 miles a day. I work out at a gym with a trainer twice a week.

I’m back for a second treatment because I had a failure of my pacemaker and it had to be removed – pacemaker and defibrillator was removed and a new defibrillator put in, which indicated that the dead right atrium has regenerated enough. I no longer need a pacemaker. I just need a defibrillator for safety reasons.

For more information about stem cell therapy for heart failure at Stem Cell Institute, please visit: https://www.cellmedicine.com/stem-cell-therapy-for-heart-failure/

For more information visit: www.cellmedicine.com