Welcome back! Last time, you learned about the different types of inflammation and what your Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs) can do for healing and heart health. Today, we will be discussing aging and how endothelial dysfunction affects that.

Declining circulation, increasing inflammation, and loss of stem cells are three markers of aging and age-related deterioration.

Poor blood flow affects 900,000 Americans per year and can have devastating and life threatening health effects, and these risks increase sharply in middle age. A 2013 Yale University study found that as we age our immune system produces higher levels of inflammation, and specifically that the immune sensor Nlrp3 triggers an increase in age related inflammation and results in a loss of bone density, insulin-resistance, and cognition.

Stem cells are the body’s natural healing mechanisms.  Science shows that higher levels of these cells correlate with an overall health and healing capabilities, an increase in energy and a heightened sense of well-being, and stronger, quicker nail and hair growth, and healthier skin and complexion.

Endothelial dysfunction is an early barometer for cardiovascular risk, and has been observed in patients with hypertension, in smokers, in those with diabetes, obese patients, and individuals with inflammatory or infectious diseases.

All of these issues are symptoms of the same problem: aging and the resulting decline of your own reparative stem cells.

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