Joe Rogan and UFC welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman discuss stem cell therapy at Neil Riordan’s stem cell clinics in Panama and Dallas. The following is a partial transcript of their conversation.

Joe: Have you ever done stem cells?

Kamaru: Yeah, I took your advice. I went and did stem cells.

Joe: Did you do it in Panama?

Kamaru: No, I didn’t go to Panama. But that doctor did it for me in Dallas.

Joe: Dr. Neil Riordan? They can do some crazy shit in Panama. [unintelligible] A lot of guys… I sent my mom down there twice.

Kamaru: Really?

Joe: They told my mom she needed a knee replacement, and I was like, “Before we do this, let’s just see what happens.” And it took, you know my mom’s in her 70’s, so it took a while, but about 8 months in the pain went away. And then I sent her down for a second time and looks, even more improvement. Hey, what’s really crazy is I saw her over Christmas and she looked younger.

Kamaru: Well, yeah so, I mean I’m sure it has a lot of different effects, that there’s a lot of different ways that they could help out. But, in my case, the thing about it is I’m so active, that it’s very, very hard to sit back and just say, “Oh man, that worked.” because I’m still kicking every day. I still feel that pain of kicking every day. I still feel that pain of bouncing on my knees, taking shots…

Joe: If you really wanted to heal up, you’re going to have to take time off.

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In the following interview, Joe Rogan discusses stem cell therapy in Panama with Mel Gibson and Dr. Riordan.

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