Before stem cell therapy in Panama at Stem Cell Institute, Jamie Towers was unable to care for herself. After her stem cell treatment, she is getting her life back. This is her story.

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Hi, my name’s Jamie Tower and I was diagnosed in 2009 with something called mixed connective tissue disease.  Basically, that’s five or six different autoimmune diseases.

Mine happen to be lupus, scleroderma, Raynaud’s, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s, polymyositis, and all the inflammation that’s been happening in my body has created lung issues and pericarditis and some things.

And I try to do everything I can for myself with adequate rest, getting rid of toxic people, and eating a plant-based diet for the most part.  But when I started reading about the stem cells, I got very excited about what they might be able to do for me, and I was almost at the point of being scared to hope that it could actually help.

Before I came to the stem cell clinic, I was having trouble taking care of myself.  I was unable to drive my own car.  I was unable to prepare my own food.  If I went to the grocery store, I was too tired to put my groceries away and my parents were having to take care of me.

Now I go to the store.  I prepare my own food and I can do so many things I wasn’t able to do before the stem cells.  I have about 60% of my life back and I am very thrilled that they offer this service.

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