George Kittle is a beloved professional football player for both fans and commentators. His reputation for how he plays the game and the results he brings his team backs this up. Last year, revered tight end Travis Kelce even declared him the best tight end playing professional football in the U.S. in a podcast with his brother, and fellow football player, Jason Kelce.

But how does Kittle stay on top of his game? In July 2023, George Kittle shared his experience with stem cell therapy at Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. Kittle has continued to tell others about his positive experience using stem cells to stay on top of his game.

GQ Interviews George Kittle About Stem Cells

george kittle talks stem cells

In October 2023, GQ published an interview with George Kittle discussing his diet, founding Tight End Univeristy with Travis Kelce, and how stem cells have positively impacted his performance in his career as a tight end.

In 2020, Kittle suffered multiple injuries during the football season. He was told his recovery would take six to eight weeks, but he returned to the game in five weeks. When asked what he attributes his quick recovery to, Kittle responded, “Stem cells. I’m not going to say that’s the number one thing, but I’m big into stem cells.”

When asked if he has used stem cells at other times, he said: 

“Yeah. I go to a place down in Panama, the Stem Cell Institute. I’ve been down there for three years now. Teammates got me on it, and I’ve gone down there with a bunch of players. I’m not going to say it can fix anything, but if I’m getting stem cells, it’s helping me somehow. There’s no way it’s not doing anything.”

He then emphasized that he uses stem cells as preventative care each year before the football season to prepare his body and avoid injuries.

Insider Highlights George Kittle’s Use of Stem Cells to Prevent Injury

Insider used GQ’s article as a foundation to dive deeper into learning about Kittle’s use of stem cells in his career as a tight end player in professional football. The article states, “​​there’s one 

health hack Kittle has embraced that stands out from the pack; he uses stem cell treatments to help prevent and treat football-related injuries.”

Citing Stem Cell Institute’s website, Insider’s article references Kittle’s testimonial, as well as the Sports Injuries Treatment page to support stem cells’ instrumental role in helping him recover from a season’s worth of injuries in 2020. The article also cites published scientific research supporting the use of stem cells in regenerative sports medicine and orthopedic applications, including healing damage to tendons, ligaments, muscles, and cartilage.

Insider’s conclusion was that the statistics back Kittle’s use of stem cells. Since last year, Kittle has had 14 receiving touchdowns and ranks in the top five for receiving yards and average yard per reception. Travis Kelce is the only other tight end that beats Kittle in receiving touchdowns.

The Messenger Focuses on Stem Cells’ Role in Kittle’s Foot Injury Recovery

Similar to the Insider article, The Messenger also used GQ’s interview with George Kittle to publish their own piece about his use of stem cells. After multiple injuries in 2020, with the quoted recovery time of six to eight weeks, Kittle would have missed almost the entire football season. But due to his use of stem cells, Kittle recovered from his injuries in only five weeks. 

According to The Messenger, football players like Kittle use stem cells as a “regenerative procedure that aims to repair and restore function to tissues or organs that have been damaged.” Because this type of stem cell therapy is not permitted in the U.S., many NFL players travel outside of the country to seek treatment.

George Kittle Inspires Teammates to Use Stem Cell Therapy for Preventative Care

Kittle shared with us in the summer of 2023 that stem cell therapy enabled him to return to the field stronger and more resilient. His enthusiasm has inspired fellow teammates and football players to seek the same treatment for their own performance. 

“Ever since I’ve been coming down here, I think we’ve gotten 6 to 10 of my other teammates that have flown down because they’ve seen my results and are like wow, you know, I want to feel that good.”

Discover Kittle’s entire experience with stem cell therapy by watching his video testimonial below.

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