Anthony S. is the third generation of his family to receive treatment at Stem Cell Institute. His son, Luciano, has received stem cell therapy for autism while his father-in-law, Aaron, has undergone stem cell therapy for frailty of aging. Now he’s interested in receiving treatment for himself, followed by his wife.

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism: Luciano’s Story

Luciano S. started coming to Stem Cell Institute in 2019 following an autism diagnosis. According to his father, Anthony, life had been challenging for Luciano before coming to our clinic. “It was nothing short of rough,” he said. 

Before stem cell therapy for autism, Anthony describes his son as being:

  • Frustrated
  • Withdrawn
  • Isolated

All these things are hard for a parent to see.

Luciano had difficulty communicating as well as with his motor skills. He found being unable to communicate frustrating, which led to tantrums, rigidity, and becoming more withdrawn. “He didn’t feel comfortable and wasn’t secure,” explains Anthony. “There was no engagement. He would never ask you anything. You always had to draw it out of him. It was almost nonexistent.” 

Luciano’s Response to Stem Cell Treatment

Luciano has had a complete turnaround since stem cell therapy for autism. He’s much more verbal and enjoys playing with his friends and sisters.

As Anthony explains:

“You took a little kid who was almost in the dark, and I wouldn’t say afraid but uncomfortable in almost every situation. Now you have a child that’s in the light that’s comfortable in almost every situation. That’s life-changing for him, his sisters, and his parents. I think now he’s on his way to streamlining into society and education.”

Young boy smiling as doctor listens to his heart at Stem Cell Institute Panama

Luciano’s progress saw a major improvement following his treatment in 2022. According to his instructors and counselors, he was approaching an age where the gap between autistic children and their peers begins to widen. But the opposite was happening for Luciano with the gap beginning to narrow.

According to Anthony:

“This has been paradigm-shifting and life-changing for us. After Stem Cell Institute, my wife has a life again. She’s running around a lot with his therapies and the other girls and their soccer and their basketball and the jiu-jitsu and all of that. So it’s crazy, but it’s a good crazy.”

Stem Cell Therapy for Frailty of Aging: Aaron’s Story

Aaron is Luciano’s grandfather and Anthony’s father-in-law. He has led an active lifestyle, loving to travel back to his homeland of Cambodia and running his donut shop. That was until he was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2019. His doctors recommended dialysis or a kidney transplant to help with always being cold and tired. 

But Aaron decided to take a different path, choosing to come to us for treatment in 2022. Stem Cell Institute does not offer a treatment protocol specifically for kidney disease. However, we do offer stem cell therapy for frailty of aging. After being approved for this protocol, Aaron went through treatment and experienced the power of stem cells first-hand.

Speaking of his father-in-law’s improvement, Anthony says:

“We brought him down for his first visit last year. He was off all of his kidney meds six months after the first visit. He was off his kidney meds, had more energy, and wasn’t cold anymore. Actually, last month he went to Cambodia by himself to visit his family and friends, which would have been unheard of two years ago.”

Anthony’s Journey to Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Institute doctor showing paperwork to adult male patientAfter seeing how stem cell treatment helped his son and father-in-law, Anthony began to consider stem cell therapy for himself. He initially offered to send his wife, but she responded, “You’re more broken down than me, so you go first.” 

Anthony’s wife was referring to his multiple health issues, including:

  • Degenerative back disease
  • Degenerative neck disc disease
  • Diverticulosis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer’s elbow

He suffers from a lot of aches and pains. While not diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, he was also struggling with making a fist in the mornings due to inflammation. 

He had discussed treatment options with an orthopedic surgeon, but that would require injections in his hands and elbows. “I have high hopes for all those things” with stem cell therapy, Anthony explains.

What It’s Like Coming to Stem Cell Institute

Anthony describes the experience at Stem Cell Institute as “nothing short of fantastic. It’s been fabulous.”

He goes into more detail by saying: 

“From the second someone at the front desk greets you to the nurses, the techs, and the doctors are just phenomenal. Everybody understands the uncomfortableness so people put your mind at ease and make you feel comfortable. They understand the fear and anxiety, not just in the child, which there is a lot, but also the anxiety in the parent.”

Anthony understands the hesitation some people may have about traveling to Panama for medical treatment. His solution is to research the country. “If you read a little bit about Panama,” he says, “you quickly understand that it’s the Switzerland of Central and South America.”

He points out that the banking system is robust and the streets are safe thanks to the importance of the Panama Canal. “You never feel uncomfortable,” says Anthony. He loves the food, culture, and ability to communicate in English. He encourages anyone who may be sitting on the fence by saying, “The city has a tremendous amount to offer.”

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Luciano faced communication and behavioral challenges due to his autism. Stem cell therapy helped transform him, making him more verbal and social. Aaron, Luciano’s grandfather, opted for stem cell treatment for aging frailty and also experienced improvements. This motivated Luciano’s father, Anthony, to get stem cell therapy for his own health issues.

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